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PTBA maintains this online list of people seeking paid employment in trail work, as well as a separate list of available job openings. Anyone can ask to be added to the list, and anyone—including government agencies, non-profits and trail contractors who aren’t PTBA members—can hire anyone on the list.

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Currently Seeking Employment

Jessica Satterfield

Trail Related Background
Worked in the California Conservation Corps Backcountry Trail Crew in the San Bernardino Wilderness constructing several rock structures in the Hidden Divide Wilderness Preserve to deter cross-country hikers from damaging the rare flora in the area.
Worked with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps in Montpelier and on the Long Trail to construct a 100+ step rock staircase and to rebuild a stone bridge abutment.
Worked with Long Cane Trails in Pisgah, NC to construct a hand-built Black Diamond rated trail approximately 2 miles in length that included timber stairs, stone stairs, drainage, water bars, turnpikes, and retaining walls.
Skills & Interests
Technical skills include: Dry-stone masonry (retaining walls, rock staircases, riprap walkways, aesthetic landscaping), native timber work (timber stairs, turnpike, ladders, check steps), chainsaw operation, experience with set up and operation of Griphoist systems, experience working with machine operators to complete projects.
Contact Phone
Start Date
Additional Comments
Will provide cover letter and references upon request.

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Jeffrey Johnson

Address:  2001 West 82nd Place, Denver, CO 80221
Phone:  (715) 869-2452
Email:  jjohnson5@uwalumni.com
Trail Related Background
BS degree in Forest Recreation from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UWSP), summer internship at Rib Mountain State Park, Wausau, WI that involved trail design and construction, volunteer work at Schmeeckle Reserve, Stevens Point, WI that involved trail maintenance and interpretive media construction, service projects with UWSP Park and Recreation Association that involved trail construction and park maintenance. (also see resume)
Skills & Interests
Experience with tools and equipment include: Forklift, chainsaw, mini skid steer, utility vehicles, mowers, trimmers, edgers, blowers, power washers, most hand tools, seeders, and sprayersTechnical skills include: word processing, PowerPoint, spreadsheets and desktop publishingInterests include: Backpacking, back country camping, hiking, swimming and fishing
Contact Person
Melissa Baker
Contact Phone
Start Date
Additional Comments
Motivated individual that is very interested in the design, construction and maintenance of sustainable trail systems. Ready to relocate but will need roughly a week notice.



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