Trail Employment

PTBA maintains this online list of available private, non-profit, and government trail-related job openings. Anyone offering a paid position can ask to list that position, and anyone can apply for that position regardless of their affiliation.

If you have an opening, you should first check our Employment Wanted list which lists many people looking for trail jobs. We encourage you to bookmark this page and check back frequently. Also, for great information on trail design and to meet many agency staff, check out PTBA’s upcoming Trailbuilders Conference.

Additions to and deletions from this list

At this time, anyone can ask to post their employment listings here—private individuals, trail contractors, non-PTBA members, non-profits, and any type of government agency. This service is currently free, but a non-retroactive fee may be added in the future. Your listing can also contain hyperlinks to sources of more info on you or your job description. If you have employment available, click here to be added or deleted from the list.

Disclaimers and how this works

PTBA takes no responsibility for errors in these listings. Listing here does not constitute an endorsement by PTBA of any person, organization, or entity. Listings are not screened—PTBA simply passes on information as it is supplied to us with no implication of accuracy. Listings may be out-of-date. These lists contain only positions which are reported to us—no claim is made as for completeness.

Any contact or negotiations between any person or organization on this page and any other person or organization is strictly between those parties, and PTBA has no stake and takes no responsibility whatsoever for anything that may result from the exchange.

Frankly, PTBA provides this service to the trail community in order to bring wider exposure to this website. We hope that you’ll explore this website and help spread the word.

Expiration dates on listings

If your position fills, please notify us so that we can remove your listing. Employment Available listings are removed after 4 months.


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