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Agencies, developers and landowners:

Solicit your contracts with our member contractors

PTBA’s member contractors are the largest group of trail contractors in North America, yet each contractor acts independently and in competition with others.

Please use this form to submit your trail contract or project information to all of PTBA’s member contractors. You can also submit RFPs (Requests For Proposals), RFQs (Requests for Quotes), or serious inquiries as to trail project costing info.

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By using this form, you agree that PTBA itself takes no responsibility or liability for anything about your project, about any bids or info you may receive from individual members, or about any subsequent actions or transactions between you and individual members. PTBA also has no financial involvement in anything that occurs between you and individual members.


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If not well-known or expected, did you mention:

Trail purpose, desired look & feel
Types (hike, horse, bike, OHV, etc.) and amount of trail use
Trail tread material (native soil, crushed stone, asphalt, concrete, woodchips, etc.)
Trail structures (bridges, boardwalk, puncheon, turnpike, signs, extensive constructed drainage, culverts, retaining walls, risers or steps, drainage dips, waterbars, erosion control, etc.)
Topography (floodplain, wetland, level, near-level, gentle slopes, moderate slopes, steep slopes, rocky, other)
Site vegetation (wetland, riparian, grassland, savanna, light (open) forest, moderate forest, thick forest, etc.)
Site and soil stability, water problems