Trail Contractors

From remote wilderness to urban hard-surface paths, from hand and draft animal work to tracked and power equipment, from basic trails to major structures, PTBA members do it all.

Experts in trail planning, design, construction, design/build, maintenance, training, and consulting work with all government, non-profit, and private entities to craft quality trail projects. Our members are flexible, versatile, mobile, and proud of their work. If you haven’t already, see a few samples of their work.


Quality assurance

Professional Trailbuilders Association members are screened by current members upon selection to ensure that all members are qualified, knowledgeable, and reputable trail contractors. Our reputation depends on our members performing quality service and satisfying clients.


Savings from contracting vs. force account

Even for government agencies with force account crews who could perform trail work, contracting is usually less expensive and provides a better result in less time with more accountability. How? Our members are professionals who have the skills and the appropriate tools for the job, can do work correctly the first time, and will perform the work to project specifications. Contractors also do not require benefits, can be more efficient by camping at the jobsite in remote locations, can adjust their crew size as needed, and are generally more flexible and adaptable. All of this often adds up to significant savings over the total cost and time of force account crews.


How to find a trail contractor

Like contractors in other fields, most of our contractors have specialties. You can use the Expertise table to find contractors by their areas of expertise or specialty. You can also search by Location, although most of our members will travel across the state, the nation, or even the world. And if you’re looking for a particular contractor, you can find them in our Alphabetical Member List.


Talk to us—the earlier, the better

If you’re planning a trail project, especially if you’re new to trail construction, talk to us early in the process. By knowing available options as well as what works and what doesn’t, PTBA members have saved many agencies time and expense.

Since many members are in the field during the warmer months, November through February are the best times to reach most members directly by phone or email. During other months, it may take longer before they can get back to you.