National Trails Training Partnership Meeting

Thursday, February 14, 3 PM to 6 PM

Stuart MacDonald, American Trails and Christopher Douwes, FHWA
Hotel Albuquerque at Old Towne, Room TBA

The National Trails Training Partnership is an ongoing coalition of organizations, agencies, businesses, and communities committed to making training for trails and greenways skills more available. American Trails, through an agreement with the Federal Highway Administration, provides an online calendar of training, promotion for training providers, and resources for trail skills, as well as hosting webinars, workshops, and the International Trails Symposium.

This meeting is sponsored by American Trails ( and the Recreational Trails Program of the FHWA.

Goals for the meeting:

– Share new ideas, opportunities, and concerns with trail-related training
– Identify goals for the National Trails Training Partnership in 2013
– Identify actions for agencies and organizations in supporting training

Topics we will discuss at this meeting will depend on specific interests of attendees, but may include:

– Cost-effective training for volunteers
– Webinars: effectiveness and lessons learned
– College-level programs for trail skills
– State trails programs and RTP funding for training

During 2012 we looked at results of the National Trails Training Survey which received 1,051 responses. See full report and summaries by respondent type at:

We would encourage any suggestions on how the survey findings may suggest action by training providers. For NTTP the challenge is to better publicize these efforts and encourage cooperation among groups and agencies who need the training. Some key findings from the survey:

– Overall, most respondents did not feel that lack of training is a serious problem.
– For most people, training is not a major issue, but the quality and availability could be improved.
– It appears that people are quite satisfied with some skill areas, such as basic volunteer trail skills.
– However, specialized training may not be as widely available or taught as often as some would like.
– Over half of respondents are already hosting their own training, presumably to meet a local or agency need.
– Half also said they plan to host or sponsor training in the next two years.

The online training calendar is at
Featured Training Provider profiles are at
Read more on NTTP at

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Stuart Macdonald, NTTP Program Coordinator for American Trails, at
This Meeting is open to everyone and there is no fee for this meeting, however pre-registration is required.

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