Vendor Information

The Trailbuilders Trade Show is optimized for vendors

The Trailbuilders Trade Show runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (April 1st, 2nd and 3rd) during the PTBA Trailbuilders Conference. This is the only trade show in the nation dedicated to trailbuilders and trailbuilding tools, technology and techniques. We also have an outdoor demonstration area with dirt, terrain, rocks, logs, and brush for equipment demonstrations. Many attendees come primarily for the trade show. It is the single best opportunity for attendees to try various machines and equipment in a variety of conditions and compare and contrast them with one another. What better way for your company to market your cutting edge trailbuilding tools, technologies and techniques!

Exhibitor Benefits

  • One 10′ x 10′ booth space with an 8′ table and 2 chairs.  There is a blank wall behind, so you will need your own backdrop.
  • Access to all Concurrent Sessions, Mini-Workshops and Full Workshops (additional fee may apply) for 2 staff members.
  • Company name, logo and website link on the PTBA Website
  • Company profile listing in the onsite Exhibitor/Sponsor Guide
  • PTBA logo to use in all marketing materials for the 2013 Sustainable Trails Conference
  • Pre-show attendance roster
  • Final Conference Attendee Roster
  • Free wireless internet access throughout the expo area.
  • Expo hall and outdoor demo area located immediately adjacent to the conference meeting rooms, which will maximize the traffic to your booth.


Exhibitor Schedule

Tuesday, April 1
8am – 12pm   Registration and Trade Show Setup       
12:30pm – 1:30pm   Lunch (Stillwaters Restaurant)
2:00pm – 5:00pm   Indoor Trade Show Open
3:30pm – 5:30pm   Outdoor Expo and Demonstration Open (all attendees visit during this time)
7:00pm – 9:00pm   Famous Tuesday Night Networking Party

Wednesday, April 2
7:30am – 9am   Continental Breakfast
9am – 5pm   Indoor & Outdoor Expo Open
12:30pm – 1:30pm   Lunch (Stillwaters Restaurant)
5:00pm – 6:00pm   Dinner (Stillwaters Restaurant)
7:00pm – 8:30pm   Awards and Entertainment Program

Thursday, April 3
7:30am – 9am   Continental Breakfast
9am – 2pm   Indoor & Outdoor Expo Open
12:30pm – 1:30pm   Lunch (Stillwaters Restaurant)
2pm – 5pm   Expo Breakdown


Prime, high-traffic, high-visibility indoor exhibit space

Indoors, the Exhibit Area has over 5,000 sq. ft. with a ceiling height of over 20′. Designed for exhibitions, it’s central to everything, and is located directly outside of the Concurrent Session meeting rooms. This means that people coming to and from all of the concurrent and general sessions, and people coming to and from the Outdoor Trade Show will pass through the exhibit area throughout the day. Informal networking, breaks and general conversations also take place in the indoor trade show area.


Outdoor Demonstration Area

The Outdoor Trade Show and Demo Area allows unprecedented opportunity to try out the latest trailbuilding tools and technologies in a real world setting. This year’s trade show is over 20 acres in size and has flat areas, steep slopes, trees, brush piles, boulders, gravel, etc. Play with mini-excavators, dozers, belly dumpers, and other trailbuilding equipment.  Here are some of the scenes from past Outdoor Trade Show:

2011 Outdoor Trade Show

2011 Outdoor Trade Show – Sutter

2011 Outdoor Trade Show

2011 Outdoor Trade Show – Goldani

The demo area is a disturbed area and approved by the Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park. You can do anything reasonable to the demo area as long as you put it back to some semblance of what it was when you arrived.  Pretty cool, eh?


NEW FOR 2014!  Become a Vendor Member

The Association will accept Vendor Members, defined as those business entities which sell, distribute, lease or loan tools or equipment for use in trail design or construction, or who provide professional services in the field of trail consulting, planning, design, construction or maintenance.  Vendor Members shall have no voting rights.  Vendor Member dues are currently $500/year.

Benefits of Vendor Membership:

  • Join in PTBA’s positive international reputation
  • 30% discount on sponsorship and trade show opportunities
  • Highlighted on PTBA’s well-developed website
  • Ability to partner with PTBA members on contracts solicited through the PTBA website
  • Networking opportunities with a variety of trail contractor members and expertises
  • National affiliations and partnerships
  • Access to the PTBA member listserve
  • Ability to attend the annual Member Meeting


Vendor Options and Fees

Below are the available Vendor Exhibitor Packages and their associated cost.

Please note that Late Registration fees go into effect after close of business on March 14, 2014.


Indoor Booth.
10’x10′ with a table and 2 chairs. Includes Meal/Party Package for one person including the Tues. night party and Wed. and Thurs. lunches and breakfasts. See Meal/Party Package below for additional staffers.

PTBA Full Member = $225 ($300 late)
PTBA Vendor Member = $367 ($420 late)
Non-Member = $525 ($600 late)

Non-profit/Advocacy Organization Indoor Booth.
10’x10′ with a table and 2 chairs. Includes Meal/Party Package for one person including the Tues. night party and Wed. and Thurs. lunches. See Meal/Party Package below for additional staffers.

PTBA Full Member = N/A
PTBA Vendor Member = $157 ($210 late)
Non-Member = $225 ($300 late)

Outdoor Demo Area with Indoor Booth.
All the room you need outside and a 10’x10′ booth inside.  Includes Meal/Party Package for one person including the Tues. night party and Wed. and Thurs. lunches. See Meal/Party Package package below for additional staffers.

PTBA Full Member = $325 ($400 late)
PTBA Vendor Member = $490 ($560 late)
Non-Member = $700 ($800 late)

All-Inclusive Lodging/Meal/Party/Conference Access Package.
Includes Guest Rooms at the Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park (choose correct occupancy), the Tues. night party, continental breakfasts and continuous refreshment breaks in the Expo Hall, and Lunches and Dinners in the Stillwaters Restaurant.  Priced per person, based on occupancy.

Single Occupancy = $179/person/night
Double Occupancy = $129/person/night
Triple Occupancy = $119/person/night
Quad Occupancy = $105/person/night


PTBA Trade Show Coordinator

Please direct questions to:

Mike Passo, PTBA Director
PO Box 28514
Bellingham, WA 98228
W/H: 360-734-7270


About Indoor Booths

We provide a 8’x3′ folding table with cloth skirting and 2 chairs.  In order to keep exhibition costs low for our vendors, the booth is simply open at the sides and back (i.e., no fabric walls). You’re encouraged to bring your own displays, including backwalls.

Electricity is available at no extra charge. Please let us know in advance if you need juice.

Oversize booths: If you have a larger display or need additional floor space to show equipment or large items, we can accommodate you. Trail-scaled equipment on rubber tracks, as well as small trailers and items that can fit into a set of double doors, are welcome indoors but we can’t run internal combustion engines indoors. Please let us know your additional space needs in advance by calling Mike Passo at 360-734-7270.

If you have any samples of your products, please bring them. For those of you who are selling bridges, structures, and other products too large to bring, please bring samples of the structural members, photos, etc. Our attendees are interested in detailed information. There’s also room in the outdoor demo area for equipment and structures of any size.


Package and freight shipping to Stonewall Resort

All packages must be sent through the Purchasing & Receiving Office. This office tracks all packages shipped and received by Stonewall Resort. Packages that need to be shipped must be left in the Purchasing & Receiving Office, NOT on the Loading Dock.

Packages are delivered to the loading dock, logged, and distributed by the Purchasing & Receiving staff. Please do not remove packages from the loading dock without first advising the Purchasing & Receiving Staff!

UPS deliveries arrive Monday-Friday between 1:00pm and 1:30pm. FedEx deliveries arrive on occasion between 9:00am and 11:00am. FedEx Express runs between 4:00pm and 6:00 pm. FedEx does not always make a daily stop at the Resort and is not reliable. There are no Saturday or Sunday deliveries in our area.

Please try and coordinate the arrival of packager to arrive within 7 days of the beginning of the conference.

Packages sent to the Resort MUST always contain the name of the individual or department who is receiving the package and the Conference name, NOT just Stonewall Resort. This is necessary for proper sorting and delivery.

(Guest name)
C/O Stonewall Resort
Sustainable Trails Conference
940 Resort Drive
Roanoke, WV 26447

If you will be shipping several items, please give Stonewall Resort advance notice of how many packages they should expect and that you are part of the Sustainable Trails Conference. Also, overnight items (preferably all items) should be sent via UPS, as the resort is FedEx’s last stop of the day, even for items sent Priority Overnight Delivery.


About the Outdoor Demo Area

Materials: Uniquely, the Stonewall Resort has a 20+ acre outdoor demonstration area with materials such as rocks, logs, brush, etc. needed to demonstrate equipment or tools. Please make prior arrangements with us if you need special materials. Gravel, dirt, grass, brush, boulders and small logs are already onsite and we can dig and move it all as long as it we put it back by the end of the show. We can also install and remove “hardened” soil and other trail surface treatments. Note that we must restore the area to its approximate pre-show state before leaving and we need your help and equipment to do so!

Amenities: We will set up a large (army style) tent at the Outdoor Demo site, with heat and a generator for electricity in case the weather is cool or rainy. As in the field, there aren’t any tables, chairs, restrooms, food, drink, etc. in the outdoor area. All of these, however, are available in the nearby hotel. Your meals and refreshments are all included in the Conference Package registration for all attendees as well as outdoor vendors. The outdoor demo area is approximately a 12 minute walk, or a 3 minute shuttle ride.

Traffic: In past years, the outdoor demo area has drawn steady traffic throughout the day. This year we have designated certain blocks of time each day that are only for visiting the outdoor expo area (no other sessions or competition has been scheduled) People will be passing through and hanging out between sessions throughout the day. This lets you work with individuals and let them try out equipment individually.

Weather and Ground Conditions: Stonewall Resort is located in the heart of the West Virginia mountains. Weather can be anything from 70 degrees and sunny to snowing. Most likely weather will be clear and cool (50-60 degrees F). The outdoor demo site is 20+ acres with slopes, trees and flat areas, with a sand/gravel mixture to the soil.

Dedicated trade show time: We set aside times on Wednesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons during which we schedule no other sessions in order to provide everyone ample time to visit the trade show.

Setup: Check-in for the Conference will begin at 7:30 am on Tuesday, April 1, at the Registration table on Level 2 of the Stonewall Conference Center, and continue throughout the day. The Indoor Trade Show and the general session of the core conference program begins in the Stonewall Ballroom at 1:30 PM. The Outdoor Expo and Demonstration area will begin at 3:45pm on Tuesday, with the entire conference attendance heading out to the Demo area

Breakdown: Indoors, breakdown is from 2 – 11 PM on Thursday. Everything must be out by 11 PM Thursday unless specifically arranged with Stonewall Resort.  Outdoors, the demo area should be cleared by the end of Friday.


Trade show security

Indoor trade show: The trade show area is in an open hall area that WILL NOT be locked at night.  Therefore, do not plan to leave any valuables and materials overnight. We highly encourage you take high-value resale items (such as laptops) with you when you leave for the day.

Outdoor Demo Area:
Note that PTBA and/or Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park cannot be responsible in any way, shape, or form for any damage or loss that may occur.