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Trail Building Tools, Technologies and Techniques

We are headed to Portland, OR for the 2015 Outdoor Trailbuilders Trade Show to connect everyone from land managers, and trail designers to club volunteers. The Outdoor and Indoor Trade Shows will once again be one of the main attractions of coming to the 2015 American Trails International Trails Symposium and Sustainable Trails Workshop Series. All the top representatives and manufacturers in trail building equipment, supplies and services from across the country converge at the Outdoor Trailbuilders Trade Show.

2014 Outdoor Trade Show

2014 Outdoor Trade Show

The Outdoor Trade Show will run Sunday, May 17, from 8am – 5pm as part of the American Trails International Trails Symposium and the Sustainable Trails Workshop series.

In 2014 in West Virginia, there were over 100 people at any given time visiting the outdoor demonstration area.  In 2014, there were 34 states and 7 countries represented at the conference. The PTBA website has had over 2.2 million hits this year. Trail building and trail management issues have seen a surge of activity in the past decade. One force driving that is the trend towards more healthy and connected communities. In fact, the Professional TrailBuilders Association has grown by over 40% in the past 5 years and now has over 80 members. We are proud to bring everyone together to share ideas, trends, policies, and the benefits of trails.

Become a part of the 2015 Sustainable Trails Workshops and the International Trails Symposium. The following pages outline how your company can become involved as an Indoor/Outdoor Trade Show Exhibitor and a Conference Sponsor for 2015.

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Outdoor Trailbuilders Trade Show

In addition to indoor booths in the Exhibit Hall of the International Trail Symposium next to the meeting rooms, you’ll also be able to try out tracked and power equipment outdoors in a 2+ acre lot across the street from the Oregon Convention Center.  Take ‘er for a spin in the dirt and spend as much time as you like.

Trade Show Locations

The Outdoor Trade Show and Demonstration Area allows unprecedented opportunity to try out the latest trailbuilding tools and technologies in a real world setting.

The demo area is a disturbed area and is located within 100 ft of the Indoor Exhibit Hall and breakout rooms. You can do anything reasonable in the demo area as long as you put it back to some semblance of what is was when you arrived. Pretty cool, eh?

We encourage you to spend time one-on-one with vendors as you try out their equipment at your leisure. Weather is generally favorable for this.

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