How much does it cost?

Both conference fees and accommodations are very reasonable. Please see the Registration page.


Can I take workshops without attending the core PTBA Trailbuilders Conference?

Yes.  This year’s conference in Stonewall Resort allows you to choose each day a la carte.  You can now pick only the days that most interest you.


Why Stonewall Resort, WV, and why March/April?

Once every so often, an opportunity arises for the PTBA Members to develop a conference that combines everything we could imagine! Stonewall Resort in West Virginia may just be one of those places.

Stonewall, WV is within an 8 hour drive of over half of the population of the United States. It also has amazing outdoor space (it’s a state park!) that is ideal for offering a wide variety of hands-on workshops immediately outside the doors of the conference facility.

As many of you know, most conference centers are built in the middle of larger cities. These sites often do not have land adjacent for dirt moving opportunities. Stonewall is unique in our experience, and we are very excited to announce it as the site for the 2014 Sustainable Trails Conference.

So come to Stonewall Resort to experience the most cutting edge trail tools, technologies and techniques.

March and to some degree April, is still in the slowest season for trailbuilders and agencies alike, making it easier and less stressful to get away from day-to-day demands.

By moving the 2014 conference to Stonewall Resort, the PTBA will be able to serve the Mid Atlantic region of trails professionals, students and federal, state and local agency personnel for the first time in our history. Our conference will also explore trail building techniques and technologies that are unique to these eastern mountainous landscapes.


What’s typical weather in Stonewall Resort during the conference?

Average weather in April is mostly sunny with a high of 58°F, low 25°F, 30% chance of light precipitation, and a 12% chance of snow on the ground.


Is lodging bundled into the conference?

For the first time, YES!  See our Hotel info.


Are meals bundled into the conference?



If I drive, can I park at the hotel?

The Stonewall Resort has large parking lots with plenty of free parking.


Can I become a PTBA member in order to reduce my conference registration fee?

Maybe. PTBA members must be sole proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations generating income from trail design, trail construction, or related activities. New members must also be sponsored. If you have a PTBA member sponsor you, apply for membership, and are accepted, we’ll rebate the applicable portion of your conference registration. PTBA membership info


Do I have to prepay? Can I get a receipt?

Prepayment is greatly appreciated from all parties, but we can be flexible, especially with governments. If you preregister, your receipt will be emailed to you, or you can get a copy at the registration desk during the conference.


Will I be glad I came?

Absolutely. We’ll see you there.