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Every Spring (late February to early April), we hold the nation’s largest trail conference dedicated to trail design, construction and maintenance. If you would like info for the next conference, please click the link above. Also: General conference info.

Seeking to hire a trail worker?

Check out our special pages offering trail job listings for paid employment. You can list your job opening here for free. So far as we know, this is the only non-agency-specific listing of this type on the web.

Seeking paid employment?

Check out our special page for job seekers. You can list yourself here for free. So far as we know, this is the only listing of this type on the web.

Seeking training or how-to resources?

Please visit our Training Resources, Books and Weblinks pages.

Have a trail contract or project for which to solicit bids or info?

Please use our contract solicitation form to solicit contractors for your trail-related contract or project.

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Please visit our About PTBA pages first. To apply for membership, please use our membership application form.


All Other Inquiries

Point of Contact: Mike Passo, Director

PO Box 28514
Bellingham, WA 98228
phone: 360-734-7270

Please send general inquiries by using the form below.


Tips for contacting us

Every field in the form below is optional. The more you tell us about yourself and your situation, though, the more we may be able to help you. If you’re asking a question, please provide a context for why you need an answer—it helps if we know where you’re coming from in terms of your experience and situation. We’re as human as you are and, probably like you, we tend to disregard people who ask vague questions or don’t take a moment to describe their situation.

When you submit the form, your information is emailed to all PTBA members with email (over 40 contractors). Individual members will respond at their discretion. Please note that all PTBA members are trail contractors who can be far away from their computers for weeks and even months during the spring, summer, and fall, so response time may be slow during that time.


[Very] limited data usage

We do not sell any part of your data to any other agency, organization, or business. It is for PTBA’s use only, and it is used only in the context of working directly with you. PTBA’s event mailing list is used to notify you of upcoming special events and PTBA’s annual Trailbuilders Conference. Also, remember that all fields are optional. Our privacy policy.